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Marriage Counselling
How does it work ?


Marriage counselling and Relationship counselling offers a platform to apply the simple and very practical ways to enrich the relationship. They help you to graduate your relationship to a stage of happiness. The use of right techniques in the clinical set up of marriage counselling and relationship counselling gets you a hands on experience of intimacy.


A trained marriage counsellor and relationship counsellor helps you walk the right path.


A path that heals the damage done in the past and also gets the required nourishment to relationship.


Role of the marriage counsellor :


To help the couple address the conflicting issues at hand.


To help the couple have the right perception about each other.


To help the couple build the connection with each other


To help the couple establish an environment of trust, respect and intimacy


To help the couple learn how to support each other in meeting respective life aspirations.


Impact of Marriage Counselling :


Marriage Counselling helps the couples to know what are the interruptions in their process of connection. When the couples work diligently towards removing the interruptions, they get into a mode of turning towards each other. Theylearn to live a new life with each other. This requires effort. Initially the effort has to be put consciously, but with time, this new way becomes a part of life. And this changed course takes the relationship on a positive upward spiral. Marriage counselling helps couples to imbibe positive approach towards relationship. The couples also see the advantages of walking on this new path.


When Husband and Wife both undergo therapy :


Marriage counselling is most effective when both the couple are willing to work on the issues in the relationship. For a relationship to exist, it requires both the man and the women. Marriage counselling is about bringing a change in the relationship, and it requires mutual support from both of the couple. It is easy for the marriage counsellor to help them see what precisely is needed by each of them. Marriage counselling gives a platform where both the couple can jointly design the action oriented strategy to make the relationship satisfactory. They can both let each other understand how can they support each other and to what extent. They can help each other bring about the desired changes.


When either the Husband or Wife undergoes therapy the role of a marriage counsellor is :


To see the possible solutions in the realm of relationship which otherwise are not visible.


To see the situation in the relationship from a 360 degree approach.


To build awareness and acceptance of the strengths and weaknesses.


To develop action planning around the identified solutions.


To build assertiveness required to deal with the challenging situation.

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