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Dauji Engineer Pleating Machines are manufactured for a wide range of pleat size with a multiplicity of options and accessories. All machines are available in manual, semi manual or fully automatic constructions. Features provided are customized to customer preference.

• Blade Pleaters: for paper and synthetic media allow manufactures of “Parallel – accordion” pleats in single or multiple layers. Pleat depth range from 5mm to 150mm, and pleat width of upto 3000mm, give full flexibility to customers in media roll selection and optimization of their production-line.

• Rotary Pleaters: are customized for specific filter sizes and media and enable high speed filter pleat production of desired profile.

• Pleat Lock Rotary Pleater: undertakes pleating of filter media. Models for cellulose and synthetic media in all categories are also available.

• Dimple Rotary Pleater: undertakes dimple pleating of filter media and are available for reverse longitudinal dimpling design. These specialty machines can be supplied as per customer’s specific profile.

• Equipment Accessories: Un-winders, In-line slitters, Media folding attachments and spacer insertion machines are some of the optional accessories available on request.