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Gas Turbine Guillotine Dampers

Our design of Gas Turbine Guillotine Damper is the industry’s preferred choice for high-temperature GT service. Through its installed downstream of a Gas Flow Diverter, the GT Guillotine Damper provides 100% isolation to enable ‘man-safe’ entry.


Self-cleaning drives never need lubrication and are highly rugged and reliable. An electric actuator and gearbox give positive drive to the blade in both directions, eliminating the possibility of stretching or mechanical binding occuring in chain-drive mechanisms. Both vertical, side or flat draw orientations are possible.

C shaped seal The blade is a corrugated construction, fully supported from deflection on all sides by the solid seat. The ‘C’ shaped blade profile channel perimeter enables full thermal expansions in all four directions eliminating the possibility of distortion occuring in conventional solid plate designs.
blade seal The design provides for a labyrinth path for flue gas through a two-sided contacting arrangement. Super-alloy seal materials retain their ‘spring-back’ properties at elevated temperatures. A minimum of 99.9% sealing efficiency is guaranteed and a 100% with seal-air.
The ideal isolation device, Bachmann guillotine dampers incorporate a patented flex-seal system, closed bonnet and a heavy duty rack and pinion drive. The self cleaning seals that guarantee a 99.9% sealing efficiency even in high dust environments, and the rugged construction have resulted in this becoming the industry standards. There is not a single reported failure amongst the hundreds of installations over the last 25 years.