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Flues Gas Conditioning System

Flue gas conditioning is Wahlco’s traditional core business and the product line which formed the basis of the company’s founding. FGC systems allow coal fired boilers to burn a wider variety of coals, including lower cost high ash coals and low sulfur coals which avoid the cost of scrubber installations, without affecting the performance of the fly ash particulate collectors (electrostatic precipitators).

Flue Gas Conditioning






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FGC is important, in some cases mandatory, where utilities have switched to burning low sulfur coal to meet required sulfur dioxide emissions.The burning of low sulfur coal reduces the efficiency of the associated electrostatic precipitators (ESP) which collect the ash from coal fired stations.
The addition of FGC retains the original performance and in worst cases provides significant efficiency improvement.Many utilities are changing hands, as a result of deregulation and mergers, and these new owners are faced with increasingly stringent requirements for the reduction of sulfur dioxide emissions.FGC is the most proven cost effective solution for the reduction of oxides of sulfur consistent with lowest possible particulate emissions.
           Features :
Flue Gas Conditioning is a revolutionary technology to enhance ESP collector efficiency to levels consistent with the firing of high sulfur coals.
Flue Gas Conditioning skids designed in association with Wahlco, Inc. (USA) reduces the resistivity of fly-ash, thus improving collector efficiency, especially for high-sulfur and high-ash coals common in India.